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SPS Terms & Conditions



  • Upon the signing of this agreement the landlord has authorised SPS to act as sole agent
  • SPS standard Letting & Management fee is 10% of the gross rents plus VAT, charged monthly in advance. Separate fees will be charged for arranging & supervising any major works, structural repairs, renovations, redecoration, insurance claims etc
  • The landlord authorises the agent to arrange repairs/maintenance work on any one item up to a value of €150.00 without prior consent.
  • All fees and charges are subject to VAT @ 23%
  • If as a result of any breach of the landlords obligations and the tenant withholds any payment due under the tenancy agreement, the landlord shall indemnify the agent from and against all such liability and the agent shall have no further liability
  • Either party has the right to terminate this agreement at the end of a tenancy, subject to three months written notice being given prior to the date in which a tenancy is due to end
  • Where a landlord withdraws instructions to let a property after a tenancy agreement/application has been received a fee equivalent to six months management fees will be charged by the agent (SPS) to the landlord
  • The agent (SPS) reserve the right to vary fees or amend, add or delete any of these terms by giving three months written notice to landlord(s)
  • Care taking of empty properties must be agreed by landlord’s with the agent (SPS) and funding made available to cover fees & costs

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